Civilisations and old stories

The Challenge

In 2010, we were required to design the covers of book series that contains 72 books to be displayed in Abu Dhabi book fair. The design should reflect the spirit of the books and has to maintain a cohesive look for the entire book series, without being too repetitive which could be unappealing to the buyer.

The Handiwork

The entire company members were involved in the design process. The design linked the cover with the book material. We incorporated each story in the covers, choosing icons that represent the culture in each story. The icons were chosen to attract the buyers. The covers were made using Italian leather thus we printed the books in Lebanon. The books were published in 2010, and tell this day they are in the front shelves of each book fair.

(Civilisations differs from one country to another..But what connect between the one and the other is arts and creativity...Our artistic touches express each one's beauty depending on colors and shapes)