Al Mayafer Travels

The Challenge

We’ve been asked to create a new brand to Almayafer Travel Agency, which is a young Bahraini company. The requirement was to create a modern design that is different from other travel and tourism agencies. Almayafer was looking for something different because they deliver the same services, but in a different way than the other agencies. The main difficulty was to design a modern and unique design that is coherent with the name of the company.

The Handiwork

The client had a clear vision and was very helpful and cooperative, thus it was very easy to finish the design process early. We designed the logo to reflect the youth and activism elements, therefore we chose the orange color and we didn’t abandon the brown color which had a big influence in their identity. In Almayafer, all airlines are important, trips always start and finishes at the same point.

Brand in situ