Buyout Allha "Zayed Grand Masjid"

The Challenge

The book must have a unique and astonishing design to be able to embody Shaik Zayed Grand Mosque, which is a shear vision of beauty and an architectural masterpiece. Also, the design must be able to reflect the beauty and the architectural changes of mosques over the time.

The Handiwork

To design a book that speaks the magnificence of the mosque, highlights the Turkish miniatures, and has a stunning imagery. We thought of mosques all over the world and within different time periods. Thus, we focused on Arabic calligraphy as it can be found in all mosques all over the world. And no matter what language you speak you will feel the beauty of the Arabic calligraphy. The calligrapher was Mohammed Al Mandi who is an artist in his field. The printing process utilized a variety of printing technique, to enable us to produce a VIP edition that can pays a literary tribute to the Grand Mosque. The heavy cream and gold embossed book is poetry in motion. It portrays sheer visual beauty that specks Shaik Zayed Grand Mosque